How can we help?

Triquetra offers the following services.

  • Interim Management – a person, full time or part time, to fill a short term vacancy (usually at Chief Executive or Finance Director level), or to provide extra expertise or resources for a project or transitional period. See also Why Interim Management?
  • Consulting – hands-on advice and assistance, on strategic planning, business and financial planning, management information systems development and refinancing.

The boundary between these services is not rigid. An interim role sometimes leads on to later consultancy on specific projects, or vice versa. The organisation then benefits from a consultant who already knows it intimately.

We work principally with medium sized to smaller clients. It is often in these organisations that it is most difficult to cover senior management gaps and special project needs from within the existing staff.


Industry specialisation is less important than matching the skills and experience of the interim manager or consultant to the precise needs of the assignment.

If you have a temporary gap at Chief Executive level, then the remainder of the management team will often have the specialist industry specific skills needed in the short term. What the interim Chief Executive must bring is the ability to manage the team and the organisation, plus the clarity of insight and analytical view that come from experience, and often the independence of being an outsider.

We have experience in many industries including technology, recycling, training, chartered surveying, recruitment, and publishing. Our experience spans the private sector, charities and public sector bodies.

The case studies show that there is a need for similar core skills and experience across a wide range of industries.


We are based in South East England, close to the M25. However, the location of the assignment is not a barrier if the fit between the interim manager or consultant and the needs of the role are good enough.