Merger requires new systems

Two national firms of Chartered Surveyors had merged, creating a business with 250 staff across nine offices. It needed to redesign its management information systems to support a new management structure, and to replace two accounting systems with a new one. There was no capacity internally to undertake this work.

Paul Kelly joined the company full time for nearly a year to deliver this project from planning through implementation, going live and post-live tuning. This involved:

  • reviewing existing systems and producing a requirements specification for the new system;
  • reviewing package solutions and customisation options to meet those needs;
  • managing hands-on the implementation and configuration of the new systems, including staff training.

The role was also widened to include performing a risk review on the company’s IT department.

The benefits to the company were:

  • the undivided attention of someone with a very good knowledge of the accounting and management information systems software market, and experience in systems implementation;
  • a genuine search for the most suitable products, rather than the common approach of only considering the one or two best known products in the sector;
  • a driving force to keep the project on time;
  • practical advice on balancing insight and complexity in the new MIS;
  • seamless co-ordination with the internal IT department and external support organisations;
  • delivery of the project within budget and on time – operational from the first post-merger year end.

Paul’s skills which achieved this are:

  • project management experience;
  • systems selection and implementation experience;
  • strategic IT skills.