Case studies

These case studies illustrate the range of ways in which Triquetra can assist businesses. They cover a variety of situations including stepping into a vacant post, delivering projects for systems development or business survival, and business planning and growth.

Sale of business

The owner manager has built up the business over a number of years and wants to realise his investment. He needs expert financial support to prepare the company for sale and maximise the proceeds.

Business start up

We are building a new business and looking for funding. We need some real expertise to help us through the development of the business plan, the financial planning and the start-up systems.

Financial crisis

We are on the edge of going bust, staff are leaving, and creditor pressure is grinding the business to a halt. We need someone really experienced to stabilise the position, allowing the business to generate some money, whilst also liaising with external experts such as insolvency advisors.


The merger is just done, and everyone is frantically busy trying to integrate the two businesses. On top of that we have two incompatible accounting and management information systems, neither of which will support the way the board want to structure and monitor the new business. We need someone to take on the project of replacing the accounting and management information systems from start to finish.

Long term sickness

The Chief Executive has been off sick for five months now. The strain on the senior management team is becoming unsustainable, especially as we also want to review and restructure our organisation. We need someone to support the senior management team, whilst also working specifically on a strategic review.

Sudden departure

The Chief Executive has left suddenly. It will take months to get the right person to replace them. In the meantime we must have someone to co-ordinate the functional directors and lead the business forward.